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Ben joins his mom at the visiting area of a public hospital where she often claims to communicate with his wife and son. Through his grief, Ben interrupts her time and again, finally reminding her of his family's tragic death. Ben's flashbacks reveal his last days with them. Today, as he struggles to redefine his relationship with his aging mother, both are faced with the unsettling outcome of his dubious past.

Winner - Best Short by a Woman - Burbank International Film Festival. 2016

Winner - Honorable Mention – Myrtle Beach International Film Festival. 2017

Winner - Audience Choice Award - Martha's Vineyard International Film Festival. 2017

Winner - U.S. Short Film Award of Excellence - Catalina Film Festival. 2017

Winner - Audience Choice Award - Florence International Film Festival. 2017 

Winner - Best Actress Award JUNE SQUIBB - Florence International Film Festival. 2017

Winner - Best Actor Award SEAN MAHER - Florence International Film Festival. 2017

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An allegorical tale of Fear and Love. A man discovers that by facing the caged tiger within, he triumphs and finds love.

Winner of New Upcoming Director at "Brightside Short Film Festival 2016"

"A tasty little treat..." "Profound and beautiful..."
"Thought provoking..." "A pendant piece...." "A feel good story..." "Wonderful cinematography..."

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The family of an elite NYU Student Chris Harper is reported missing, NYPD Detectives Wells and Doyle are assign to the case. The detectives rely on the help of the missing roommate (Steven Jones) to track him down and find him. As Chris’s death body is found at the Hudson river, the detectives investigate deeper into the case, they find a connection on multiple similar cases involving other Ivy league students; none of the case indicate a serial killer pattern, however the odd case turn into a new intricate cover up job. 

Winner Best Short Film Audience Award at "The Official Latino Film Festival 2014"

Winner Merit Award at the "Accolate Film Festival 2014"

"An intricate and gripping story.."

"A well directed short worth of a TV series season..."  

"Tension and suspense, with a cinematic visuals.." 

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A tale of friendship and betrayal between 3 friends set against the backdrop of Brooklyn real estate market during the biggest boom and bust of the subprime meltdown.

Winner - Buffalo Niagara Inter. Film Festival 2016 -Best Feature Film - Best Director - Best Lead Actor - Best Supporting Actress

Winner - Canada International Film Festival 2016 - Best feature film competition - An award of Excellence in Filmmaking

Winner - Manhattan Film  Festival 2016 -  Best action drama feature film

Winner - Honolulu International Award Film Festival 2016 -  Silver Lai award

Winner - Big Island International Film Festival 2016 - Best feature film

Winner - Hoboken International Film Festival 2016 - Best cinematography

Winner - Riverside International Film Festival 2016 - JURY AWARD for Best Feature Film

Winner - Vienna Independent Film Festival 2016 - Best original screenplay - Best supporting actor

Winner - Madrid International Film Festival 2016 - Best Feature Film

Winner - Barcelona international Film Festival 2016 - Jury award - Best feature film